luni, 27 octombrie 2014

model de ie din Botosani, MOLDOVA - ROMANIA

un model folosit intre Suceava si Botosani; in perioada interbelica.
observati cum, in incret, romburile devin flori. insa nu in reprezentare naturalista !

duminică, 19 octombrie 2014


This is where the ladies of the house would spend the long winter evenings: inviting friends, working and having fun together; Suceava county, north-east Romania

interior casa din Campulung Moldovenesc

this is what we call "home" - in Campulung Moldovenesc, Suceava county, north-east Romania. The space is not suffocated by useless objects - because when home, you want to calm down, relax after a hard working day. Natural colours, wool, dark wood, refreshing white linen and cotton. 

luni, 13 octombrie 2014

motive traditionale romanesti - OLTENIA, Dolj - Romanati

Romanian traditional motifs - OLTENIA, Dolj - Romanati

extraLONG & extraLARGE

("Obrazul subtire cu cheltuiala se tine")
Using fabric in excess (for your clothes) – is a matter of status. For a time when the precious labels and famous fashion designers were not invented, the message was clear and simple:
"I can afford it".
Some would go for extra-large, some would go for extra-long, because it was the way to be posh. Every culture did it, one way or another.
In Romania, we did it both ways, combined with practical aspects. The air 'trapped' inside the folds will contribute to the thermical comfort – the cold mountain regions adopted this way. The extra-large sleeves, free, were used in the hot summers, in the south, along the Danube Valley.
There are some famous styles:
- VRANCEA: extra-long, twisted sleeves
- BRASOV: extra-long, folded
- MUSCEL: extra-long
- IASI: extra-long trousers, named "100 folds"
In a time when many of our clothes are designed to be worn a season, it might be difficult for us to understand. But all those ladies who are now desperately trying to find home-woven fabric in order to create their own traditional blouses – I'm sure they really understand how precious a piece of fabric can be.
found these photos on Pintrest - and there are more examples in my boards: